Noses Are Red Book Review

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Psychiatrist Teaches Parents How To Make Their Kids Laugh in Book
Dr. Joel Schwartz offers parents practical tips on how to instill a sense of humor in their children.

As a psychiatrist, Dr. Joel Schwartz knows humor is an important key to a child’s development, and he recognizes the role of parents in encouraging their children to develop a sense of humor. For this reason, Dr. Schwartz published Noses Are Red: How to Nurture Your Child 's Sense of Humor (Stress Less Shrink Publishing, 2006).

Noses Are Red could pass off as a parenting guide and child psychology book, but it is simply one of the fewest books that touch on the topic of humor and children, which seems frivolous to study about. In Dr. Schwartz we see an expert who treats humor as a legitimate subject to write about.
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By splitting humor development into different stages, Dr. Schwartz shows parents the best ways and age periods to instill the value of
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