Nosferatus Vondrak Research Paper

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Once upon a time in 1970 in Pennsylvania there lived a family of vampires. They lived very good, in trust and in the welfare. They were a couple. His name was Nosferatus Vondrak, he was 125 years old and he worked as a teacher for protection from monsters. Her name was Slaria Vondrak, she was 120 years old and she worked as teacher and a vendor of blood. They lived in a small hut in the city center. They were good. Pennsylvania was a very small city, located in America. A few weeks later in the city, the monsters and withes returned and began to destroy in the city. The Vondrak family began immediately to move to another town and had a gathering. They left the city and headed into town - Wilks. Pennsylvania continued the war. In a new city was calm and quiet like doing out. The city a little more, then previous. The Vondrak family had to keep their secret and live like other people. They are engaged in the same work, but Nosferatus now worked for defence. Slaria worked with…show more content…
She did not say anything and she started to go to school. After weak in school her parents were worried that people would know her secret. Lamia promised that she didn 't say anything. Lamia liked to study at school, she found new friends, and every day Lamia came home with a great mood. For seven years Lamia did not tell anyone her secret, she tried to be a marvelous student. Parents watched as their daughter grew and developed. But then came the surprise news their daughter fell in love with a person. The parents were not waned about it, and waiting when she come home from school. This boy was in her class, his name was Lucas. When daughter came home, she was not alone, she was with Lucas. The parents began to meet her on the doorstep. Parents began to ask her: "Hi, How was the school? How is that
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