Nosocomial Infections In Nursing Essay

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Nosocomial Infections 2 Nosocomial Infections; The Nurse’s Role Makenzie Hancock Nursing Concepts II Mrs. Witcher March 20, 2018 Nosocomial Infections; The Nurse’s Role Nurses have very important roles when it comes to the safety and care of their clients. The main goal for a nurse is to help their client get better and stay healthy throughout their stay in the hospital. Being in contact with multiple clients means that nurses also must be the barrier of transporting pathogens from one clients room to another. Handwashing, using clean tools, making sure the client is well taken care of and staying up to date on protocols will help minimize the transportation of pathogens from client to client. Some of the most common nosocomial infections seen are clients with UTI, respiratory pneumonia, and wound infections. It has been reported that “urinary tract infections is the most…show more content…
It is very important as a nurse that you make sure to look at your client’s wounds and do everything possible to improve the wound rather than making it worse. Making sure that your clients skin is dry and making sure that every two hours they are turned will help prevent this problem. Symptoms of a wound infection can be identified as “increased body temperature, strong malodour, itching, warmth of peri-wound skin, and delayed healing” (Hughes, 2016). Making sure that your patients have dry dressings should be a part of your assessment and something you always look for. If there is any drainage on the dressing make sure to change the dressing and initial, date, and time the tape to keep record and be able to know how frequently the wound dressing is being changed. Make sure, as the client’s nurse when taking care and changing dressings, that you wash hands thoroughly and wear gloves to prevent sharing germs and anything that could hurt the patient more by worsening the
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