Nostalgia Dance And Dance

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1. Main objective and summary of the project

The proposed PhD project engages the concepts of nostalgia and utopia expressed through the body and dance in the context of Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia. I would like to broaden the scope of my Master’s research, which investigated the social aspects of dancing and singing through a case study of the song Jugoslavijo . The standpoint from where this proposal departs is built on the belief that nostalgia provoked by the songs and popular dances related to the SFRY, performed in the present time, should be seen as a dynamic arena of interactions between the feelings, memories and imagination. The research explores the cultural construction of collective memory from a transnational
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This relation should be given particular attention because of the very fact that the dances are quite rarely investigated through the lenses of nostalgia. Dance scholar Szu-Ching Chang emphasises ‘while many discussions of nostalgia mainly focus on visual images and cultural heritage, they often ignore the fact that bodily practices engage in the construction, expressions, and circulation of nostalgia’ (Chang, 2011:17). This study is a piece of very original research, there are no information about any other choreomusical dance analysis through a case study of the songs and dances related to the SFRY. Therefore, I argue that nostalgia should be taken seriously, and its impacts on dance realisations should give new perspectives in the field of dance knowledge and cultural memory…show more content…
Also, the archive materials (movies, newspapers, photographs, documents, etc.) from the period when SFRY was constituted country will be analysed. It will be important to combine the cultural anthropological approach with the cognitive psychological one. As ethnomusicologist Ana Hofman suggests in her studies, the affect, politics of sentimentalism and joy will be used as methodological tools. Moreover, this study will strive to answer the question about culture and society by linking broader social theory with multimodal analysis which focuses on micro-interactions by repeated viewing of

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