Nostalgia In English Poetry Analysis

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M.Maria Merline
II MA English Literature
Holy Cross College Trichy-2 Theme of Nostalgia in A. K. Ramanujan’s Of mother, among other things
Indian English poetry is the oldest form of Indian English literature, which has the attained, both richness and excellence during the course of its development. It represents various phases of development of our innumerable cultural and national life, right from the beginning of the nineteenth century to the mid nineties of the twentieth century. It has three phases of development. In the first phase there is a number of co-development which is responsible for generating Indian English poetry. The early pioneers are Henry Derozio, Michael Madhusudan Dutt, Toru Dutt, B.M.Malahari, S.C.Dutt and R.C.Dutt. They were the trend setters who began to poetize the Indian echoes in a foreign language. Although their efforts were imitative and derivative of English poetry, they successfully gave a new direction to Indian poetry in English by writing on Indian history, myths and legends. This phase is called imitative phase.
The second phase of poets is the assimilative. This period starts from 1947. Self-definition accompanied by heart-searching probing into the cultural inheritance became the genuine concern of the poets of assimilation. The third is the experimental phase, which begins after the Independence.
The modern poetry deals in concrete terms with concrete experience. The new poetry

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