Nostalgia In Film Analysis

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A variety a specific film genres also rely on the use of nostalgia and nostalgic themes within the film making process. Within the Science Fiction genre of films, it can be said that the use of nostalgia and familiarity creates the foundation for the popular time travelling sub-genre within films that are Sci-Fi in nature. Sweeny (2015) describes this sub-genre as an ‘exercise in reactionary nostalgia, a longing for an imagined ‘simpler’ time’. Describing time travelling sci-fi movies as provoking a longing and sense of mystery amongst the audience. The author also describes the ‘retro-fetishism’ associated with the directors of these types of films in creating a familiar world for which the audience can travel to and how these worlds ‘reassures its audience that the pleasures of retromania are here to stay’ (ibid). The author also explains when analysing the film Looper (2012) how this film ‘Inadvertently, it also reminds us of the stasis of Western culture and the commodification of nostalgia’ (ibid). The commodification of nostalgia and how film makers use this element to draw in audiences, can be said to be one of the most important matters when discussing nostalgia in film. Teo (2013) furthers this point in his research of…show more content…
It can be said that this ‘obsession with all things 90s over the last couple of years is just one of the ways our nostalgia infatuation has been thrown into focus’ Behan (2014). Noting that there is a significant culture shift towards 90s nostalgia the production of these live action remakes and the use of nostalgia to draw audiences has used ‘the combined draw of nostalgia for adults and exposure of the classic films to younger audiences combined with lavish special effects has proven a winning formula’ Thomas

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