Nostalgia And Nostalgic Themes

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A variety a specific film genres also rely on the use of nostalgia and nostalgic themes within the film making process. Within the Science Fiction genre of films, it can be said that the use of nostalgia and familiarity creates the foundation for the popular time travelling sub-genre within films that are Sci-Fi in nature.
Sweeny (2015) describes this sub-genre as an ‘exercise in reactionary nostalgia, a longing for an imagined ‘simpler’ time’. Describing time travelling sci-fi movies as provoking a longing and sense of mystery amongst the audience. The author also describes the ‘retro-fetishism’ associated with the directors of these types of films in creating a familiar world for which the audience can travel to and how these worlds ‘reassures
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Both Fevry (2016) and Rushing (2014) focus on niche areas of film in their findings giving depth into this research and building on the themes already explored.
In conclusion, the literature discussed in this paper has outlined the importance for film makers and other media forums to show an interest in nostalgia and nostalgic themes. Creating familiarity for the audience within films has shown how the audience react positively to the use of nostalgia and relating themes in the films. Genre specific investigations such as literature focussing on sci - fi and animation have revealed gaps in this research within cinema. It can be said however that drawing from these genres and others that were more focussed on niche areas of film (French films and Italian westerns), an overall understanding of how film directors, producers and audiences relate to nostalgia and nostalgic themes was outlined. Furthermore, several other gaps within the research have also been identified. This is due to the present-day shift in pop culture towards the element of 90s nostalgia, and how certain films and television shows are being rebooted and remade to recreate the sense of nostalgia within the audience. Making note of this gap within the research a new and specific area of investigation can now be identified. This area will relate specifically focus on the use of 90s nostalgia in modern day texts and propose the question of An investigation into audience perception and the use of 90s

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