Nostalgi Poem Analysis

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“Though nothing can bring back the splendour of the grass, the glory in the flower.” Nostalgia strikes everyone at a certain point in his or her life, as it is human nature to have a longing for the past. The longing for the carefree innocence of childhood or the crazy adventures with your best friends, nostalgia reel people into the glory of their heydays and make them wonder how is it like to relive the past once again. These verses from William Woodsworth’s poem epitomises the sense of irreplaceable loss when loved ones are gone. In dealing with a significant loss, some people will be trapped, some people move on easily and others deal with it in their own unique way. Today, we will be exploring about a rising trend of a unique and expensive way to how one man copes with the loss of his wife – Silicon Dolls. One of the pioneers in this lucrative business, Matt McMullen, who was…show more content…
It is the dress in which they shared their first kiss, he told our reporter. Speaking to Bus Riley in an exclusive online interview, he proclaimed unabashed, “Her frilly and fussy dress, sweet girlish smile, clear, fair skin and flowers in her hair resemble Jackie so much that I sometimes mistake her for the actual Jackie. I really missed Jackie and I am so glad that I have finally found a replacement for her.” Bus said wistfully. Bus even takes her out for “dates”. He often brings Jeckie to the Paradise, a small roadhouse where he lived before Jackie left him. There, they would share a drink at the bar they used to frequent and dance to “Stardust”. The long stares of customers in the bar are to Bus, stares of admiration for Jeckie. They would then sit at the bar whole night long and reminiscence about the past. All these he used to do with Jackie until he had to leave her. He wants to return to the glory in the flower of life, where they were both still very much in
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