Nostradamus Theory

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The attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the upcoming of Adolf Hitler, and the 9/11 attacks are three unpredictable incidences. Surely, no one could have predicted these disasters-- but Nostradamus did. One night, while meditating, Nostradamus saw visions of the future and wrote his predictions in a twelve-volume set which he titled Centuries. His writing sparked controversy but became one of the most well known books. Readers from all around the world became puzzled as to whether or not his prophecies were correct. The mystery behind Nostradamus can be summed up in two theories: if he was able to predict the future or not. Nostradamus was a well-known astrologer that is believed to be able to predict the future. Michel de Nostredame, also known…show more content…
Nostradamus does not mention any specific names, indistinct locations, no order and rules to be interpreted, and little to no definite dates (Cohen 147). Although he made his writings like this deliberately “The result is work so general that people can find their own meanings. For example, a prediction about the dangers of global warming can be seen in Nostradamus writing about the sea getting so hot that fish became half-cooked.” (Kettler). This claim showcases the fact that since his work is very unclear and interpretation is foggy, Nostradamus may have not been correct in predicting and the interpreters may be wrong. In one case, Nostradamus predicted and told Queen Catherine de Medici that all of her sons would turn out as Kings, but only one son did (“Nostradamus”). Furthermore, in a prophecy supposedly about King Henry II’s death, it said both eyes would be injured, but only one was (Cohen 147). Considering the overall vagueness of Nostradamus’ predictions, not being able to predict the future would be a credible theory. In the final analysis, the two well-known theories surrounding the unsolved mystery of Nostradamus are if he possess the ability to predict the future or not. Interpreters of Nostradamus’ work can support his predicting abilities by relating his prophecies to real-life events. The vagueness of his work makes skeptics believe that he cannot predict the future. One way or another, Nostradamus’ work impacted many lives and helped influence other
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