How Does Ripley's Change In The Nostromo

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Ash is the one who changes everything in the movie he is ultimately the downfall of the Nostromo. He disregards Ripley’s direct orders to let the alien on board which plays a huge role in Ripley’s change of character. When Kane does wake up and everyone believes he is alright and that the worst is over, they are put in front of a grotesque scene when an alien rips out from Kane’s chest. Everyone’s first move is to kill the life form but once again Ash gives an order to not kill and the alien runs away leaving everyone in shock. Ripley like the others is shocked by the turn of events but she doesn’t let it show. She eventually proceeds to help the crew try to trap the alien with acid as blood (much to their knowledge of its extreme growth). On the Nostromo Ripley was able to adapt to her surroundings fairly quickly regardless of the situation. When Ash revealed himself to be a robot on a mission to bring the alien life form back to the company they all work for the Weyland-Yutani…show more content…
She eventually overruled the system and found out what Ashes true purpose was and discovered that the alien was topic priority. The crew of the Nostromo was expendable and the company didn’t care if they died. Within this moment Ripley let out all her frustration, all her emotions had poured out of her she had already lost three crew mates and now she found out that her crew was of no importance. Within this moment something in Ripley changed and a switch had officially flipped. Her perspectives changed she didn’t have to play by any rules she was now dealing with her live surviving. Once the whole ordeal with Ash was over and she gathered no information Ripley began to take the role of captain a natural born leader, she took charge and suggested that they escape in an escape pod and blow the ship up in the
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