Not After Everything Analysis

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Michelle Levy knows what it means to grasp your attention. Not After Everything is a tragic story that describes the ups and downs of life. This book is not just a story, it’s a relationship between two teens who reconnect. Tyler Blackwell, a senior in high school, has a football scholarship to Stanford, a pretty, cheerleader girlfriend, and a reliable group of friends to hang out with. Then, his mom kills herself and everything around him crashes. He breaks up with his girlfriend, stops playing football, and needs to dodge what his dad is offering, threats and abuse, and earn what his dad isn’t, money. Forced to buy everything he needs for himself, he gets a job at the local photography studio. There, he realizes a coworker he dismissed as a goth loser, is actually his childhood best-friend, Jordyn. Their relationship changes it all. She brings unexpected joy into the never ending pity party his life has become. She urges him not to give up on the football…show more content…
It was a gritty emotional book, and it totally fascinated me. Although, I loved this book, sometimes I thought the high school drama they were going through was a little over the top. Some scenes seemed like too much for real life. I love when you finish a book, and you know right away that you’re going to compare the next book you read. The characters jumped off the pages, they were so raw and honest; it was easy to picture them in real life. From the dialogue to the description I was immersed in this book from the first page to the last. This book is comparable to All The Bright Places, and My Heart and Other Black Holes in the sense that they are both catastrophic and heartbreaking books. I think this book would work for a lot of readers, if you like realistic books with some action, and a love story this book is for you. I think it would be an incredible movie and I would see it in a
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