Not Fair In Salem Essay

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In the book Witches the Absolutely True Tale of Disaster in Salem by Rosalyn Schanzer, there was a religion, puritanism, and they believed in witches. They accused people for being aligned with the devil.It started with two girls who had symptoms of histyeria and others who were not sick also joined the. Nineteen people were wrongly accused of being witches and executed. Later in the book it stated that many of the people that accused those who died, lied. Many of those accused as witches died not just because of the accusers but, because of the unfairness of the trials.The judges of the trials used spectral evidence, ignoring the accused, and the judges were unfair because they believed in witches and want those who were witches dead. In the trials judges used spectral evidence. Spectral evidence is when the accused claim that they saw the spirit of the person on trial do something that they should not have done. In the book it states that “A woman named Goodie Bibber testified that the specter of Rebecca…show more content…
the Puritans read the bible and took it very literally. In the bible it states, “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live” (Exodus 22:18). The Puritans believed in witches and they read the bible very fervently and so they believed that all witches should be put to death. They did not give the witches a fair trial because of their strong believe that no witch should live. Therefore they did not believe a word the accused said. Now since this has happened we learned that witches do not exist and later in the book it says that some of the accusers lied and now there is a law that makes sure that everyone has a fair trial. The trials in 1629 were not fair because the judges did not listen to the accused, the court used spectral evidence, and the judges already had their mind set on what they were going to do in court. Many people were put to death because of these
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