Not God Is Good Well-Meaning Kind By Countee Cullen Analysis

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Countee Cullen was another popular person of the Negro renaissance Cullen was born in New York City he also educated in the New York schools. Cullen received the Harmon gold award after publishing his first collection of poems. He became an assistant editor of “Opportunity “.Which was an important medium of expressions for the negro writers of Harlem renaissances Cullen also wrote stories for children.
Yet do I marvel
“I doubt not god is good well-meaning kind” in this poem it showed that they believed in god throughout the times of suffering mostly African Americans. Cullen felt divided in between being black and poet. What I noticed in the poem was the speaker said words that had similar sounds. The speaker seems like a Christian because he talked about god a lot throughout the poem. He wondered why
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I acknowledged that the word white was used a lot which I though the point of was to get the point across that blacks were treated different from white. They were discriminated for no reason because of their skin color. Which were are all human beings and we should all be treated equally .The poem was sad because a mother had to lay her daughter to rest she would have been more happy if she saw her as a bride. The Quote “She’d be so proud she’d dance and sing to see herself tonight” it shows the pain of black people. The mother would have liked to see her daughter all dressed up as a bride .Most girls have the dream being a bride someday. But this dream of the black girl wasn’t fulfilled like the rest of black dreams.
Harlem Dancer
Focus on the beauty of a women. Makes you feel as if you’re in the poem the words applauding young people. Makes you think about innocence, happiness, and fun, not of children but of young adults. This thought changes when continuing to reading the end of the first line; laughed with young prostitutes The idea of innocence reduces to the thoughts of sex and loss of

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