Not Going To College Research Paper

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If one decides not to attend college, that person should reconsider, here are some reasons why a high school graduate should consider college as an option. Not going to college will leave you without a degree, leaving it will be a struggle when looking for a good job. High school graduates who decide not to go to college can go to a trade school or join the army to further their career as other options besides attending a University. With that being said what are some reasons to consider attending college? A college education is valuable because one can earn greater wealth, develop better social skills and most like have better health. The first reason someone should go to college is because they earn greater wealth. To receive greater wealth they would need to earn a diploma from college, therefore they could have the opportunity to have a good paying job. “A person with a college…show more content…
“Automatic health insurance” (“Five Ways Ed Pays”). If you go to college you are more likely to get health insurance from being employed by a secure job. With health insurance you can receive physicals and medicines when needed. “People who graduated from college has a lower rate than people who don 't go to college” (“College Degree, Better Health”) . People who don’t go to college doesn’t automatically receive health insurance and that 's a lower rate rather than people who attend college and receive coverage. To wrap it up, these are reasons why people should go to college because they learn about social skills, receive better health, earn more money and have a good job that you enjoy. Although a lot of high school graduates who attend college end up in debt because they had to make a loan to go to college. A Couple people say that, one that graduates from college has had a college debt (Dehart, Chris). However, if you have a job that has good paying money, it could help pay off that college
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