Not Poor Just Broke By Dick Gregory Analysis

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In the short story, “Not Poor, Just Broke,” Dick Gregory creates an amazing true story about how him and his family was affected by poverty in the 1930’s. Richard was a resourceful, intelligent kid. He is always creating ways to get around their tight budget. Richard is not like other kids, He will believe what everybody says about him. Richard and many other kids can easily be affected by poverty There is no doubt Richard was affected by what other people say or think. This becomes evident when people thought of how poor he was. This is shown when he was in class, and the teacher shamed him. The teacher was saying he was poor, and he couldn't donate any money at all. The teacher was not being very kind Richard, and said, stop trying to be funny, this whole program is for people like you. When he said that he was grouping people, and setting a bad example for the other students in the class. Therefore the class started to feel bad for Richard. Richard’s teacher didn't even bother to call his name. this shows that the teacher didn't even have any curtesy. Even if he knew that…show more content…
It is shown that poverty will stick with you and you will always remember your poverty. To elaborate, this is such a big part of his life, so he will always remember it. He will always be known as the kid that is living in poverty. Poverty controls Richard because other kids don't think they're the same. In addition property gave him his terrible living conditions. Some things that were very bad for his simple needs word that the fact that he didn't have running water, never got shoes that actually fit him, and he always has to sleep in a bed with 5 other people. Lastly, poverty affect is his eating habits. Because of this, Richard had to eat paste that he found at his school. to continue he didn't have a very good electricity, so he had no fridge. Because he had no fridge he couldn't keep much food before it would go

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