Ordinary Winter Break Short Story

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Not The Ordinary Winter Break
“Ding dong” the doorbell rang. Elisa sprung from the couch as she was surprised that such visit was happening at an unexpected time. It was December 21st. There has been a horrendous blizzard that swept through the small town of Montana, Whitefish. This caused winter days to be long and boring. Families stayed at home while they sat around the fireplace and read old, spooky story tales that were passed down from generation to generation. The smell of warm apple pie from the oven made its way through the cold, icy streets of Whitefish. It was the first time this week the doorbell rang, therefore, Elisa and her family were all shocked to hear that sound.
As Elisa walked towards the door, unlocking the door lock, her mother cautiously said, “Be careful sweetie, the storm seems to be hitting pretty hard at the moment.” Surprisingly, a family of about four people were gently sitting on the doorstep. Their choice of clothing suggested that they have been strolling through the streets for some time and they
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Kelly’s hatred towards Eliza’s brother grew intensely and did not shy away to show it. There were a few disturbances that happened around the house. The lights would turn on and off consequently during the night. Eliza’s brother came across several close- call injuries like when the chandelier that was hanging in the living room fell directly one inch away from his head. “Really, that’s all you got?’ ‘Cuz I ain't scared of something that doesn't exist.” He said boldly.
It was an early morning on December 28th, and it was breakfast time. The smell of homemade waffles filled the whole house. Everyone was seated at the table, waiting for a prayer when everybody realized that Eliza did not join them.
“I told you that girl needs to sleep earlier so, then she wakes up earlier and makes it for breakfast.” Eliza’s father said as he rolled his eyes in
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