Not Without My Daughter Cultural Analysis

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Cultural Diffusion Culture is the collective ideals, traditions, and social standards of a specific group (Webster). Throughout history, cultural diffusion, the spreading of culture and ideas from a central point, has been paramount in the development of civilizations. Although cultural diffusion is a very significant reason for the progression of the human race as a whole, many societies and groups have struggled to keep other cultures out to avoid losing their culture, that is called cultural resistance. Cultural resistance tremendously changes the outcome of a country's cultural and economic landscape. A great example of its effect is seen between American and Iranian/Muslim cultures during the 1980s and the 2010s. Many effects of the resistance are seen in the movie "Not Without My Daughter". Many of the changes and events in Iran have been focused on women, religion, dress, and family. Since the revolution Iran has become a devout Muslim country ruled by a very religious government, and because of its…show more content…
Women are seen covered up in traditional Islamic clothing, and aren't allowed to show anything but their faces. As seen in "Not Without My Daughter" women are treated more like property than as people. In reality that is the case in many 3rd world countries; even in the United States women were treated much like property, not too long ago. Betty is often beaten, controlled, and verbally abused by Moody, and this is mainly because his family has pressured him to become that way. The culture in Iran is greatly affected by the extremely unjust government that forces it's people to follow a strict code. That strict code slowly creates more and more families that act like Moody's family. The conditions for women in Iran have remained extremely dire, with women still lacking many basic human rights, and even barring them from attending sports events
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