Nothing But The Truth Character Analysis

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The Truth Don't get in over your head. Examples from the books Nothing But The Truth, Poison Ivy, and The Dirt Diary shows this. In the book Nothing But The Truth Phillip Malloy lets the truth get all mixed up therefore he gets in over his head. In Poison Ivy Ivy the main character lets the bullies win. In The Dirt Diary Rachel lies and steals money from her college fund. Through these texts, characters learn that once a person starts lying, he or she gets in over their heads. In the book Nothing But The Truth by Avi the truth gets all mixed up. The first thing that happened was Philip Malloy was humming the National Anthem in class when his teacher Miss Narwin told him to stop. Philip was told by his dad to stand up for himself…show more content…
The reason why she let the bullies win was because she did talk in court when she had the chance. Another reason Ivy was in over her head was because she didn't seem to care. Ivy didn't seem to care about the trial and how Ann, Sophie, and Benita were winning the court battle. Inside Ivy wanted the girls to stop picking on her but it's more of Ivys fault for not standing up for herself. That is how Ivy was in over her head and let the bullies…show more content…
In this book Rachel steals $287.22 from her college fund. Rachel's mom is struggling for money after her husband left them for work down in Hawaii. The only reason Rachel stole the money was to buy a plane ticket to go down and see her father. The only problem with her plan is she has to get all the money back into her college fund before her mom finds out. Rachel asked if she could help her clean houses as a maid. Rachel's mom loved the idea and said yes. Rachel's first day didn't start out so good she had to clean Brianna's house. Brianna has been rude to her for years and bullied her. After all the hard work she has done Rachel only earns $20 but she needs $287.22. Rachel still hasn't told her mother yet. At school Steve Mueller Rachel's crush comes up to her and ask her to spy on Brianna. Steve wants her to figure out if Brianna is cheating. Steve hands Rachel $20 and says he will give her money every time she figures something out. Rachel figured out her father will never come back so she went to go cancel the plane ticket. Right before she does her mom walks in and sits her on the couch. Rachel's mom just hugged her but she ends up getting grounded. The next day Rachel ends up telling Steve Mueller she can't take money from him. That is how Rachel is in over her head but ends up realizing what she has done
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