Nothing Gold Can Stay Analysis Essay

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Robert Frost wrote Nothing Gold Can Stay in 1923, just 5 years after World War 1. Although World War 2 had not started yet, Frost had a looming feeling that the world was going to end and created a poem from his feelings. I think that the style of this poem is confessional because it relates to the memories that Frost had during the time that he wrote this poem. It could also be a narrative because it tells the story of life and death. Because the title Nothing Gold Can Stay does not convey the meaning of the poem, the title's meaning is not obvious. A repetition that occurs in the poem is the reference to nature all throughout the poem. Though there is not any specific words that are repeated, the poem does refer to "her" a lot; her being…show more content…
Frost chose to leave out the original part of the poem that said the world would end because he knew people would go into panic due to his words. Because, he was a highly recognized political man, he knew that people would listen to his theory on the world ending. While there is no specific culture talked about in Nothing Gold Can Stay, nature is a recurring theme throughout the text. Because of World War 2 starting to brew during this time, I know that Frost wrote this poem based on the reality of the world possibly ending versus a fantasy story. Nothing Gold Can Stay has a nostalgic mood to it because it reminds you of when things were beautiful and new when in present times it may be old and gone. Although there are many themes throughout this poem, one that I liked was the idea that everything will die at one point or another so we should treasure what we have while we can. The rhyme scheme of this poem is AABB. I think that he chose to do this rhyme pattern because it makes the poem roll right of the tongue. Even though there are many uses of senses in this poem, sight is the most important in this
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