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“Nothing Gold Can Stay” I really savor reading old books because they remind me of my grandparent’s childhood stories. My grandparents always reminded me of how innocent they were back then, but how life had twisted throughout the years, and their innocence faded away. In the Outsiders, an old book written by S.E. Hinton, there is a quote that says: “Nothing gold can stay”. This shows that no matter who, what influence or how old you are, one day your innocence will adrift, as one day you will meet the authentic world. Johnny, Pony and Dally are a vast example that innocence doesn’t stay forever as they all, in a certain point in the book, lost some or most of their innocence. Ponyboy is one of the leading example of not staying gold for many…show more content…
But also different from Johnny, he didn’t have any other support, not even the gang, as they met after he turned into a young adult. Also, different from both Johnny and Pony, he didn’t want to save the children in the burning church, as he said to both boys when they were heading in the church: "Get back in here before I beat your head in." That shows that he didn’t care about the children, and that he is cold hearted. But on the other hand, that shows that he does care about other people, because he didn’t want Johnny and Pony to get hurt. Another example is when he said the following to himself after Johnny died: “...that's what you get for tryin' to help people, you little punk, that's what you get..." This shows again that he didn’t care about the children, and that he is selfish. But this also shows that he still cared about Johnny and his safety, and that he still had a bit of kindness, and very little innocence. Overall, throughout the entire book, Dally showed that he wasn’t innocent, and that he didn’t have a good heart. But at the end the writer, S.E. Hinton, showed us that Dally still had a bit of innocence due to the fact that he got influenced by Johnny, who is kind hearted and a bit
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