Nothing Gold Can Stay Comparison

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Text Connections A writing that i have read that compares to Robert Frost’s poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay” is the poem “Birches” by Robert Frost. This poem is similar to “Nothing Gold Can Stay” because they both talk about nature. In “Birches”, the poem talks about certain trees like birches. Also, in Birches it talks about how when the trees fall down, they never go back up to their original position. This is similar to “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost because in both poems it speaks about the idea of things changing and never going back to what they originally were. Another similarity between these poems is that the central image you get from it is about nature. In “Nothing Gold Can Stay”, it’s based around flowers, gold, and the Garden of Eden. While in “Birches”, it is based around birches, obviously. A final similarity between these two poems is that they both talk about how a certain force causes change. In “Birches”, the main force that causes change is an “ice storm”. However, in “Nothing Gold Can Stay”, it is the idea of time that changes things, as all things eventually turn bad.…show more content…
During this camping trip, the weather was very clear and cool. But by the end of the weekend, the weather transformed into cloudy and rainy. Because of the bad change in weather, my mood went from good to poor. This relates to my poem because in “Nothing Gold Can Stay”, the gold, flowers, and Garden of Eden all change for the worse. So this is just like the weather and how I felt. For example, in the poem it says that “nature’s first green is gold”, which is the hardest color to keep, since it’s the best looking. Clear and cool weather is just like “gold” in the poem, as it’s the hardest type of weather to keep. When the weather became worse and worse, my experience being there got worse because it got all of our supplies
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