Nothing Gold Can Stay Essay

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Did you ever know how to carefully exam the elements in a piece of literatures and comparing them together? Well here is one that is with a book called “The Outsiders” and a poem called “Nothing Gold Can Stay.” The Outsiders talks about a teen gang that gets in a fight and ends in a death of a social member. Some of the teens get into content with their violent lives. Some of the teen gang dies. In the “Nothing Gold Can Stay” it talks about a poem how life is not perfect and beautiful like what they are supposed to be. In the Outsiders these group of teens have a lot of problems on life. In Nothing Gold Can Stay is a poem, the poem talks about how life is not perfect and beautiful and if you do live in a perfect life it might be fun or might be boring. Two ways that the novel “Outsiders” and the poem “Nothing Gold Can stay” that compare each other is that they are both talk about the meaningful of life and that life is not always money and nice…show more content…
You expect your life perfect. In comparison in the book “Outsiders” talks about how a 14 year old boy named Ponyboy curtis had struggles in his life with right or wrong society. In “Nothing Gold Can Stay” it talks about how life growing up is not easy, you learn from your mistakes and that is how life is supposed to be. In the “Outsiders” it states that “Ponyboy and his two brothers recently lost their parents in a car accident, that is a struggle for Ponyboy and is two brother because without your parents you don 't know what they do that makes them live, have food, and have nice food, for me it is a struggle for me because without my parents it would be a real struggle for me because I would not know how to do these things that my parents are doing for me and for them
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