Nothing To Hide And Other Misunderstandings Of Privacy

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A law professor Daniel J. Solove, writing in response to government surveillance brought forth a striking argument. The article “’I’ve Got Nothing to Hide’ and Other Misunderstandings of Privacy” was published in the San Diego Law Review in 2007. In the article “’I’ve Got Nothing to Hide’ and Other Misunderstandings of Privacy,” Solove explains how there is a strong relationship between an individual and society. The success of the individual and the community is correlated. Since the good of society and the individual are interrelated, according to Solove it is important to protect the individual rights of the citizens. Specifically, the right to privacy. Solove explains how privacy improves society as a whole. Privacy allows for the members of a community to feel more free. Without privacy the members of a community will feel pressured to keep opposing or unique viewpoints to themselves, in fear of being monitored. Privacy eliminates those fears and allows for the free exchange of ideas.…show more content…
Solove explains that privacy allows this issue to be resolved. A society is successful when privacy is a priority. “Part of what makes a society a good place in which to live is the extent to which it allows people the freedom from the intrusiveness of others” (Solove 762). Privacy improves the functionality of society. Solove goes on the discuss that a society without individual privacy would be suffocating. A suffocating community would not be an appealing place to live. Citizens do not want to feel as though they are constantly being watched over, they want
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