Notorious Film Analysis

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The overall goal of the film Notorious directed by George Tillman Jr was to display a young rappers dream to being a famous with popularity and money. The main character is Christopher Wallace, later known as Biggie Smalls or the Notorious B.I.G, and the film is based on a true story about Biggie’s achievements and failures through the duration of his rap career and life growing up in the ghetto. The film itself displays a different walk of life that are within the ghettos of Clinton Hill, New York. These ghettos indulge hip-hop and rap culture as a way of life as they are exposed to negative environmental factors like dealing crack. While directing the documentary Notorious of the life of Biggie Smalls, Tillman displays the setting of unstable ghetto life and the addition of specific musical selection and sound track to present major themes of hip-hop culture in his film. Tillman provides an appropriate setting of ghetto life to display the origin to where hip-hop is created. Tillman displays the…show more content…
This portion during the film was when Dragon was explaining about how the “clowning” form of dance or even break dancing itself was derived from Africans and was a part of their culture. Dragon explains, “It’s an art form. It’s just as valid as your ballet…cause it was already implanted in us…from birth” (La Chapelle, Rize). After Dragons statement, La Chapelle adds the addition to “tribal” sound effects and film clips of Africans as the clips go back and forth from the past to present day “dancing.” La Chapelle applies emphasis on this form of break dancing because of its trend and attribute to hip-hop culture. Break dancing is a part of hip-hop and an aspect of it that now all races embrace and at this particular point in the film it was appropriate to display the past Africans into the film to solidify Dragons statement about break
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