Notre Dame Culture

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What excites you about attending Notre Dame? So many things excite me about Notre Dame, but if I had to narrow it down to one specific thing, it would be Notre Dame 's culture. By this, I mean that Notre Dame has the best sense of culture compared to any other university, and this culture centers around the Catholic faith and spans all the way out to the pride in its football team. The Catholic faith truly brings me close to home since I am a cradle Catholic and have loved the faith since I was born. Notre Dame is so centered around the faith and the people on campus get so involved, especially in the events such as Notre Dame vision. Of course who thinks about Notre Dame and doesn 't think about football? I have always loved football, and Notre Dame football at that. I am so excited to become a part of that, whether it be playing or just cheering. So from faith to football the culture at Notre Dame is what makes it stand out from other institutions to me. Five Pillars of Holy Cross Zeal, when…show more content…
When I think of my community, I think of my small, closely connected school. One thing that my community at school has always loved and has always had is that my grandparents are at every single concert, sporting event, or assembly, my grandparents have made close connections to so many people in this community. However, this summer, my grandparents were involved in a car accident and my grandmother passed away. This was significant to both my family and I, and the community of Skyline High School. My family and I had to learn to live without her and all of her jokes and love. This greatly affected the community of Skyline because they lost one of their biggest supporters. At the funeral, many, many people from Skyline came to celebrate the life of my grandmother, Janice Lee. This included, but was not limited to, teachers, students, and the entire football team. People have told my family and I that each event that goes by with her not there makes them miss her more and
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