Notre Dame Research Paper

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The exterior of the courthouse, Palais de justice (Montreal) which is in Old Montreal, is a modern stone building, mainly grey in colour with window glass facade. There are 3 entrances, however, on the Justice Quebec website the Notre-Dame entrance is listed as the main address for the courthouse but this entrance is currently under construction and the building can only be accessed via the steps ( Currently, there is no access for persons using wheelchairs, scooters or other mobility devices; no temporary accommodation (for example a temporary ramp). However, there is a sign that says “work in progress, use the ramp on Saint-Antoine street”. On the Saint-Laurent side, the entryway is only made for persons without mobility…show more content…
As for the east side exterior of the building, which could be considered the green space, there is a small alleyway which connects you from Notre-Dame st. to Saint-Antoine st, the Notre-Dame side of the alleyway has a small unistone pathway with trees and benches and a small park on the opposite side. This pathway runs about half-way down the side of the courthouse and is accessible to all, whereas the balance of the pathway is not accessible to all. The sole functional entryway for persons with mobility devices is on Saint-Antoine street. There are two very wide cement ramps on both ends of the front entrance. Entering the courthouse, just to the right of the left ramp is a large parking space for scooters and bicycles. All routes are wide with no obstruction; in case of an emergency there is enough space even to land a helicopter on the curb side directly in front of the building. Clearly marked is the international symbol of accessibility; the signage is easy to read and stands out. The passenger loading zone accommodates taxis, buses and accessible vehicles. The main floor is recessed into the building and the upper floors are protruding, providing an
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