Notromo In Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness And Nostromo

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Comparison between Marlow’s character from the Heart of Darkness and Nostromo from the novel Nostromo.
The Heart of darkness and the Nostromo is written by Joseph Conrad. Both the novel has similar story and characters. The main character in the Nostromo is Nostromo only the other name is (Giovanni Battista Fidanza) in the heart of darkness the main character is Marlow who is sailor. Both the novels are Conrad’s darkest novel. In both the novel the stories begins with adventures. The characters develop with regard to self awareness. Both the characters goes through different sort of challenges, struggles, power and hard work which led them to succeed at the end both the protagonist belong to America.
The Nostromo published in 1904 by Joseph
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He lived in Sulaco. He was brave and very intelligent man every Europeans labourer trusted he for being truthful and daring man and he could listen to everyone in order to win peoples heart and he could never fail to serve them. But later Nostromo change his mind and feels that he is like puppet or pawn in the political and personal struggles after repeatedly risking his life he was awarded with nothing so he change his mind and plans to take revenge by democratic movement of the richest country called costguans. According to Conrad,(1904) states that “And he was courageous, it was corrupt courage but it was as good for his purposes as the other kind” His thinking change for his own benefit and purpose. Everyone believes he is brave and truth, government orders him to transport the shipment of silver outside the cost guans it was a good opportunity for him so he agrees to protect silver by taking out of sea. He takes Decound with him after finishing the silver mining Nostromo returns alone living decound isolated and making people…show more content…
According to Conrad, (2012), states “The Nellie, a cruising yawl, sung to her anchor without a flutter of a sails and was at rest” The story centers around the sea and his journey up the Congo river to meet Kurtz. Marlow does business of ivory and rubber. He was steam ship sailor. He was a pointed out as hero because in the novel Heart of Darkness he is tough and independent with full of confident because he sort out with every struggle that he face in the story like on the way towards Congo the ship gets damage but Marlow manages the ship to be fixed again the journey starts without losing the hope Marlow and his friend continues journey until he met Kurtz. It is found that native people treated or believe Kurtz as god, along the way he notice differences or hatred between colonizers and native African people, Marlow faces with difficult situation with regard to meeting Kurtz on the way but Marlow could sort out with struggles as he is the main hero and the daring character in the story. Marlow was capable captain and was interested to know more about the business of ivory and rubber where we wanted to succeed, thus take up the journey with regards to his capabilities and apply his idea to be more successful man. According to Conrad,(2012), ”His was an impenetrable darkness” though they heard much about Kurtz but no one knows his real character
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