Notting Hill Riot Analysis

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In the 1970s, the UK was in a deep economic depression. The number of

unemployed people was increasing and people had complaints about social systems and the government. Moreover, a lot of immigrants from the countries that had belonged to the Commonwealth of Nations lived in the UK. The racial discrimination against them was a serious problem. For example, a riot called Notting Hill Riots happened. In 1958 in Nottingham, a black man stabbed a white man, and this caused thousands of white people to assault black immigrants living in Notting Hill. Five black people were killed in the riot. Seven years after that, Notting Hill Carnival for immigrants was held, but the discrimination problem was not solved. Antagonism between immigrants and white
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As a result, punk rock became popular among them as a means of expressing their feelings.

“White Riot” by The Clash is a song released the year after Notting Hill Riots in
1976. The Clash sang “White riot, I wanna riot, White riot, a riot of my own”, “Black man gotta lot a problems but they don't mind throwing a brick “ and “Everybody’s doingjust what they’re told to”. This song tells young white people that they must have reasonable reasons if they raise a riot as black people do so. Furthermore, this song encourages people to take action voluntarily not to do just what they are told to.

“God Save the Queen” by Sex Pistols is a song released in 1977. The title of this song is the same as a national anthem of the UK. However the song was against the queen strongly. That’s why BBC Radio banned a daytime airplay of this song, and the media and government demonized Sex Pistols as a threat to the society even though the song was a great hit. The song also expresses discontent and anxiety the young people

in the UK had. The lyrics “there is no future in England’s dreaming” suggests that

Britain should solve the current social problems for younger generation not clinging to

its past
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