Nova Peris Impact On Australia

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Throughout history, many events, objects and people defined change and continuity on Australian culture, particularly since the end of World War 2. In a time of heavy racism towards the Indigenous people of the land, Australians had created a deep and isolated relationship with Aboriginals. In 1996, a defining moment helped shape and change Australia’s popular culture for the better. At the 1996 Olympic Games located in Atlanta, Nova Peris was the first Aboriginal Australian to win a gold medal at this prestigious event. Not only was this an inspirational event, but it clearly showed a newfound respect and recognition towards the Aboriginals, and a continuity in the progress of breaking down the barriers racial prejudice have built between …show more content…

I chose this object as it not only shows her hard work and determination despite the cultural conflict and racism, but this medal represents a significant turning point in Australian popular culture, in which Aboriginals were beginning to be rightfully integrated in Australian society.

The struggle and determination shown by Nova Peris during her life is inspiring, in which she has become an important role-model and advocator today. When Nova became successful in sport, she was able to use the discrimination and racism from society, into willpower to work hard and achieve her goals. In the face of adversity, Nova strived and proved to society that these barriers should be non-existent.

Her pride in her aboriginal identity was a vital ingredient in her changing society's perception on cultural differences, which I feel is a great example of influential role-models in our country. What inspired me the most was her continuation to make this cultural integration a permanent view in the country, in which she used her role as the International Indigenous Human Rights Ambassador to work hard to change and challenge attitudes throughout the Australian

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