Nowhere By Arianne Cabeje: Poem Analysis

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Nowhere By:Arianne Cabeje It was six o’ clock pm. The rain fell hard, as I ran across the slippery road. All was still and quiet. You could only hear the loud splashes of water that trailed behind me. Splish splash. Splish splash. Splish splash. But that was before, a blood-curdling scream filled my lungs, a pair of light blinded me, and a cold lump of metal struck into my stomach. I slowly got up, but fell right on my knees. My head was spinning and my vision was blurry. But worst of all, I didn 't know where I was. I expected to see white walls surrounding me and angels singing. But instead, I found myself in an endless gray room. Rising to my feet, I start wandering around. But with every turn I take and everywhere I go, there

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