Noy Thrupkaew: Human Trafficking

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In 2016 there has been 135 human trafficking cases reported in Missouri (Hotline Statistics 2016). Since 2012 human trafficking has gotten worse by 87 more cases reported to be exact. These last four years human trafficking has only increased in being a problem in the US. To my knowledge I did not know how major of a problem this issue was and has become. On the other hand the video proves that all types of human trafficking can be found anywhere and is everywhere. Between the article “Slavery in Fields” and the video “Noy Thrupkaew: Human Trafficking is all Around You. This is How it Works” they are very similar when speaking on the topic of human trafficking, in ways that they talked about the issue to prove the terrible outcomes. Human…show more content…
Noy’s “Auntie” cared for as long as she could before she had to leave and eventually returned home. Years later Noy was reunited with her and still had the same attachment and love towards her, as she remembered she did in her childhood. With the passing time and maturity Noy realized her “Auntie” was her true protector as a child and attempted to shield her as much as possible. Noy wanted to express her appreciation for this but was fearful to bring it up all these years later. Noy expresses a sense of regret during her presentation, that she was unable to protect her cherished “Auntie” as she had protected her. Along with her personal story Noy presents the struggles of the human trafficking industry as a whole. The abundance of human trafficking is extremely high and common in countries outside the United States, however she provides examples of these devastating occurrences within United States. Traffickers in Ghana and Togo typically sought out young families with children and often promise the parents a better life an education in the “States” that can not be achieved in their home country. Parents have hopes of a better life for their kids and trust the trafficker will ensure their kids the life they promise. Traffickers find green card winners and send the girls…show more content…
Antonio was the oldest of six children, when his parents became sickly he struggled to financial support the family. He was approached with the opportunity to work in California doing construction work. The contractor (whom was a coyote) offered Antonio the option to pay off the debt to get into America once he received his job since he was unable to pay the fee upfront. In hopes to provide for his family Antonio took the deal and loaded a bus with others who were doing the same. “When the bus arrived at sparse border camp in the Sonora desert, the workers were separated and given to other coyotes.” (Slavery in the Fields, P453). The coyote leading Antonios group was Chino, who led them through the desert for 3 days with minimal supplies to a whistle stop. From there they went to a home in Tucson, where Chino threatened them with violence and took control of their money and lives. Antonio was not given a construction job but was forced to work in the tomato fields of Florida with the others. Chino said they would be paid $150 a day, and sent them with a driver (known as a jackal). The driver only stopped for gas and forced the men to pee in a bottle if they needed to go. The men were packed into the van until they arrived at a camp where he overheard the driver was negotiating a price. “At this point, Antonio realized, “We were being sold like animals.”” (Slavery in the

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