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Document 1: Summary of the NPO PDF: Revenue from grants and donations with regards to a NPO are not considered as profit and hence they are not distributed among the stockholders. They are aimed for the development and growth (Such as new policy making and implementation) NPO that are registered in the IRS are exempt from federal tax with regards to income, expenses and profits; however, donations are tax-deductible. Governing board: President, vice chair, secretary and treasurer that govern and ensure the mission and vision of the organisation to meet basic standards. NPOs have paid staff and the chief of staffs is the CEO or Executive Director. Staffing is based on Budget and workload needed. Board of Directors are also known the trustees…show more content…
The nature and the different responsibilities we face in our daily life make flexibility at workplace today very important. However, flexibility needs not to be only from one side, it should come from two sides, the employer and the employee. It’s not enough for an employer to adopt flexible work arrangements (FWA) at workplace; employees must also be willing to make concessions. It depends on individuals working in the company to whether or not and FWA program is feasible. Therefore, the employers should study the pros and cons of adopting FWA, and how is it going to affect the productivity of the employees in the business. As we discussed the pros of READ adopting FWA earlier, we come to discuss the cons of it. - To begin with, business owners and managers need to recognize that flexible work arrangements are not always appropriate for all people, jobs, or industries. In some jobs or industries FWA can turn out to be catastrophic while it decreases productivity immensely. - Another challenge that could be faced by employers adopting FWA is if the employees weren’t willing to adapt to such changes or weren’t able to resist any non-work temptations. Which can also lead to decreased productivity among…show more content…
As the chair of the board’s personnel committee I think that all of the above challenges can be applied on READ adopting FWA program. However, one of the most important challenges may be the industry READ is operating in. As Daniel said, ‘ This type of flexibility in a small organization such as READ, Inc. will lead to poor or less service to customers and more disruptions to operations.’ Since the full-time staff conducts most of the programs, and in nature the industry isn’t really flexible, Daniels concerns may be relevant and display a very important issue that shouldn’t be ignored. Another challenge that we might be facing is the resistance of employees to the adoption of FWA program that was obvious when Daniels mentioned her concerns of any loss in productivity or disruptions in operations and strongly opposed this new program. This might be a great issue; for we need to take into consideration that Daniels is the organization’s executive director (ED) and the fact that she has been with READ, Inc. for more than fifteen years
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