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The NRA is generally known as a main political force and America’s leading defender of second amendment rights, and the highest firearms education organization in the world. One tab in the website displays programs for firearm education. Another tab reveals politics and legalization defending second amendment rights.

The NGVAC is against guns. They teach the public about the prevalence of gun violence in the US that results in the tens of thousands of gun homicides, genocides and suicides, and gun connected deaths each year. This cost taxpayers billions of tax dollars each year. The NGVAC shows why gun violence is a complete result of current gun laws. They are against the NRA, they have a tab which shows a NRA puppet of the week. They also have a counterintuitive gun laws tab.
The NRA has a women interest tab which displays women shooting clinics awards and scholarships and how not to be a victim of a vehement crime. The NRA portrays women as the guardian of themselves and their
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NRA uses Logos in their gun laws tab which states truths about gun laws.
NRA uses Ethos by listing authority companies that have trustworthiness such as Henry Rifles and Mossberg Gun Company, as well as Smith and Wesson.
NRA uses Pathos by stating that women can defend themselves, and not become a victim by defending themselves with a firearm.

NGVAC uses Logos by listing counterintuitive gun facts.
NGVAC uses Ethos by criticizing the character of people who are against their beliefs: such as the NRA puppet of the month.
NGVAC uses Pathos by their conduct of the law-abiding citizen blog which uses stories to stir emotions to push for tighter gun control laws.

I don’t think they are reliable site because they are biased in the information that they both portray. They also try to sway the audience by “cherry-picking” on the issue to try and sale their
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