Nse Omunguye George Analysis

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Nse Omunguye George was born and raised in a little town called Buguma in the western part of Nigeria. Even from a young age, she had always been esteemed due to her unique character and extremely unique ways of handling issues. She is very soft spoken which leads people to take anything she says very seriously. Walking along a very muddy, shallow path to school for almost three miles, she thought to herself, “Life will not be like this forever”. Indeed, this motivated her to be the best student in her class ahead of all other classmates. As a child, she discovered her passion which was treating and taking care of people to her greatest capacity. This passion followed her up until matriculation day at the University of Kano, located in the sunny, hot northern part of Nigeria. Her dream was to become a pharmaceutical technician and the mother of successful children. She was thirty-five when she first thought about it. The thought had been coming, like…show more content…
A house with 3 bedrooms was forced to accommodate two families. She realized that it was time to move out and lease a place of her own. This was the start of her many issues. She had no credit history being new in the society. As a result of this, it was very difficult to find an apartment. She remembers that, “One of the obstacles I had to endure in achieving my American Dream was primarily being able to acquire an accomodation. Due to my lack of credit history, it was difficult for me to get an accomodation of my own, so I had to endure and stay where I was”. Constantly, she felt very understanding of how her brother felt that the house was becoming incommodious. She assured her kids countless number times that it was temporary. True to their surprise, she returned one day with the broadest smile on her face with the great news that she found a place in California about ten minutes from her childhood
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