Nsw Arts And Cultural Policy Framework Essay

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New South Wales can be considered as the main cultural and art hub of Australia. It has established a well-earned reputation by its exciting and innovative arts and cultural events, museums, theatres and galleries etc. With diverse cultural background, it positions New South Wales as the expression of Australian identity and become a popular destination for creative businesses worldwide.

The NSW Arts and Cultural Policy Framework evaluates and identities the strategy for the arts and cultural sector across the Metropolitan Sydney, Western Sydney and Regional NSW. It supports the urban renewal and regional development which highlight the key achievement and future plans for cultural institutions in NSW. Thus, NSW is expected to deliver enormous social, political and cultural impact as well as sustainable economic growth over Australia. The policy integrates creative output in economic terms as ‘the cultural sector’ to supports employment and contributes to
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It becomes a vital part in Australia that advocate the community to engage with the creative expression to form the cultural identity. Besides, cultural factors influence not only economic behaviour but also political PARTICIPATION as well as SOCIAL SOLIDARITY, (Sen, 2002) which are all closely links to how and why cultural policy can be developed in NSW. The policy framework highlights the the essentiality of cultural sector contribute to community wellbeing as well as outlines the impact of arts and culture on today’s society and economy. The depth and diversity of culture in Australia has result in economic, social and cultural life that gains the global comparative advantage. It has almost become a ecosystem that enhances the regional presence in order to maximum cultural experiences and drive economic growth. It also carries employment outcomes and drives economic growth from metropolitan Sydney to regional

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