Nt1310 Final Exam

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How we can protect the data in transit in a variety of applications such as data transfer on the Internet, and on cellular phone networks.
a) Encryption
b) Data mining
c) Internet Security
d) Decryption

2. Which key is used to access the encrypted message?
a) Encryption key
b) Decryption key
c) Primary key
d) Foreign key


3. Which of the following is a property of good encryption technique?
a) Relatively simple for authorized users to encrypt and decrypt data
b) Decryption key is extremely difficult for an intruder to determine
c) Encryption depends on a parameter of the algorithm called the encryption key
d) None of the mentioned


4. Which key is used to encrypt and decrypt the data ?
a) Public key
b) Private
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Which method does not involve password travel across the internet ?
a) E commerce
b) Manipulation system
c) Challenge–response system
d) Responce system
8. In Assymmetric Encryption, a message encrypted with the Public Key only be decrypted with the receiver’s appropriate Private Key. Justify?
a) Not true, the message can also be decrypted with the Public Key
b) A so called “one way function with back door” is applied for the encryption
c) The Public Key contains a special function which is used to encrypt the message and which can only be reversed by the appropriate Private Key
d) The encrypted message contains the function for decryption which identifies the Private Key
9. What is the main drawback of the symmetric Encryption?
a) More complex and therefore more time-consuming calculations
b) Problem of the secure transmission of the Secret Key
c) Less secure encryption function
d) Isn’t used any more
10. What is the purpose a key during encrypt a message?
a) The key indicates which function is used for encryption. Thereby it is more difficult to decrypt a intercepted message as the function is
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