Nt1310 Unit 1 Assignment

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The numbers $N_{\omega}^{rec}$ and $N_{\omega\to\pi^0\gamma}^{rec}$, extracted from the different combinations for two energies, are plotted in Fig.~\ref{fitbr15sysin} and Fig.~\ref{fitbr15sysex}, respectively. The numbers are listed in Appendix~\ref{fitsysematicinclusve} for reference. The distributions are fitted with a constant fit to have the error estimate. As the $\chi^2/ndf$ of the fits in Fig.~\ref{fitbr15sysin} are $\approx$ 1, the fit error represents the uncertainty in the distributions. On the other hand, the $\chi^2/ndf$ of the fit functions in Fig.~\ref{fitbr15sysex} are $<<1$, shows that the errors are overestimated. Thus, in these cases, Equation~\ref{Ssdlumsys} is used for error estimation. The uncertainties in $N_{\omega}^{rec}$

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