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Part 1: It would effect everything on the planet, plants would be less able to produce the suns energy and living organisms would be in big trouble. A short term effect would be decreasing plant populations and a long term effect would be a decreasing population of every organism on the planet. i. Much like the first one, if the sun was completely blocked producers could not produce, thus consumers could not eat them and get energy and the decompress could not break down the organisms if they're not alive. It would result in the overall extinction of living organisms on earth. ii. The cycling of matter if the sun was blocked would be put to a halt. In a world without sunlight dead organisms would just be laying around and waste would…show more content…
Another factor is soil. The soil of a rain forest is rare and mostly acidic so plants depend on large trees falling and decomposing for their food. Also, humans moving into more deeper in forests and wild life ecosystems through expansion. Weather and tropical rainstorms could also be a limiting factor because of the intensity of the storms. Coral Reefs- One major limiting factor could be humans and pollution of the ocean effecting the health of everything in the sea. Temperature is also a huge limiting factor. Coral reefs like the environment to be warm but not too warm, it has to be just right. There is also a need for salt, if salt levels go down in an ocean over a long period of time because of rain or rivers the the coral will die. One last limiting factor is overfishing in the area of the coral reef. Beaver ponds- Pollution would effect the well being of beavers and the water they live in. Also, the hunting and killing of beavers for their leather fur. Rain and harsh wether could easily destroy a beavers work and their population may falter. On last limiting factor is available food sources for the beavers. Over fishing causes a lack of food for the beavers which effects them

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