Nt1310 Unit 1 Case Study In Education

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This case study will assist stakeholders with making informed decisions on utilizing technology based resource within their curriculum. The XYZ district is a very small school system. Only 20% of teachers are currently trained and instructing with various technology tools, which are problems created by mistrust of technology or hesitation born from frustration or lack of confidence and adequate training and funding (Ruggiero & Mong, 2015).This study is essential because it can supply an example of teaching and learning with one-to-one computing and establish a comprehensive understanding of ways to maximize diverse technology tools within the curriculum. Although teachers within this school district have access to the Internet and online subscriptions, many teachers are not utilizing the potential of educational benefits that technology resources offer (Blau & Peled, 2012). Teacher technology support within the XYZ school district is essential to integrate available technology tools into the curriculum effectively (Helms, 2014). While this school district is making considerable progress in incorporating technological resources within the curriculum effectively, a need exists for further development in leveraging technology within the curriculum (GaDOE, 2008). In 21st Century classrooms, electronic hardware and software can support numerous resources for differentiated lessons to students with access to these resources…show more content…
More importantly, the outcome of this study can be a measure to help stakeholders establish whether there is a need to design and implement teacher technology training. Therefore, providing a structured online support network (OSN) can prepare, assist, and support teachers with becoming agents of implementing and utilizing innovative and available technology resources (Blau & Peled,

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