Nt1310 Unit 1 Chapter 3

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1. [100 pts] Refer to the Chapter 3 of DHS IT Security Essential Body of Knowledge Main Text (See DHS EBK_MainText_nps36-010708-07.pdf in Resources folder). Pick ONE competency area from EBK (data security, digital forensics, risk management, etc.) and provide the definition of each key term listed under that competency area. You can use the definitions provided in the textbook or search them from other sources. I have chosen the digital forensics competency area and the definition of each key terms as listed in the textbook are as follows: i. Manage The term manage is used to mean acquiring the necessary contractual vehicle and resources that include financial resources that are used in running forensic labs and programs. It can also be used to mean to coordinate and build internal and external consensus that can be used to develop and manage an organizational digital forensic program. Management also is to establish a digital forensic team, usually, the one that is composed of investigators, IT professionals and incidents handlers to perform digital and network forensics. Management provides adequate workspaces that at minimum take in to account…show more content…
It also helps in performing forensic analysis on networks and computer systems and make recommendations for remediation. Implementation involves application, maintaining and analyzing results from intrusion detection systems, intrusion prevention system, network mapping software and other tools that can be used to protect, detect and correct information security-related vulnerabilities and laws. Implementation can also be said to provide audit data to appropriate law enforcement or other investigation agencies to include corporate security elements. The implementation also involves coordinate dissemination of forensic analysis findings to appropriate
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