Nt1310 Unit 1 Course

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Unit 1 Activity 3: Throughout this course, I have been able to develop a wide variety of many different skills, from when I first attended St Louis I had a reasonable understanding of my reading and speaking skills, after reviewing the listening and speaking content and completing the assignments it has helped me improve so much not only in school but in my everyday life since the first day I attended St. Louis improving my skills and helping me to Avoid distractions, listening for the main idea and supporting details, Asking questions, and Visualizing. An example from the course is the Rick Mercer report on the issue of young voters that was shown in class, it was extremely effective in helping me correct my the previous listening skill errors I had made in past assignments, from encouraging the…show more content…
The reading strategies we discussed in class and in the courses content made me a better reader by showing me many different ways to read and write and understand it very well. It uses all these methods such as the KWL charts, writing a memo and reading the novel I selected helping me improve my skills greatly to become a better reader. Putting together the reading, writing oral communication and examining media all connected in helping me become a good reader and helped me to comprehend the understanding of making a personal connection to the world around you. That 's what help 's you in the future to make the the best choices possible so that later on when you make a mistake in reading you can look at the experience you had and learn how to properly correct yourself because at the end of the day they all deal with different skill set 's but all help you to become better in everything you
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