Nt1310 Unit 1 Data Analysis Essay

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SOF – The single dominant start of frame bit marks the start of a message, and is used to synchronize the nodes on a bus after being idle. Identifier-The Standard CAN 11-bit identifier establishes the priority of the message. Lower the value of identifier, its priority will be higher. RTR – The single remote transmission request (RTR) bit is used by the sender to inform receivers of the frame type. If dominant bit (0) - data frame and if recessive bit (1) - Remote Fame. IDE – A dominant single identifier extension (IDE) bit means that a standard CAN identifier with no extension is being transmitted. r0 – Reserved bit DLC – The 4-bit data length code (DLC) contains the number of bytes of data being transmitted. Valid values are 0 to 8. data – Up to 64 bits of application data may be transmitted.…show more content…
CRC delimiter must be recessive (1). ACK – Recessive bit is sent by transmitter, node receiving correct message writes this recessive bit in original message with a dominant bit, which is indication there is no error. If node receiving message detects error then it leaves this bit recessive, message is discarded and the sending node repeats the message after re-arbitration. In this way, each node acknowledges the integrity of thae data. ACK is of 2 bits, first is acknowledgment bit and the second is delimiter which is always
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