Nt1310 Unit 1 Lab Report

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Using the data provided in each one of these tests it can be assumed that one has done the steps to be able to determine the magnitude and orientation of the charges of the tape in each test, thus, allowing them to apply the same principle to any object they so desired. Their results would line up with the following; that if the two pieces of tape are torn from the same 40 centimeter strip then the tops of both pieces of tape would be positive and the bottoms of both pieces of tape would be negative and that if they would double the tape the attraction or repulsion in general would lower due to the increased density. Their data would also show that two pieces of tape ripped from each other would result in one piece being entirely positive and the other being entirely negative, they would also be able to state that the orientation of how the tape is paired up doesn’t matter.…show more content…
Therefore, the purpose of the lab, which was established as, to see the role that static electricity has on objects, when determining their charge and how they interact, is fulfilled in a wall mannered fashion. This process extends to other objects and real world applications, such as the controlling of electrical cable manufacturing and application in areas such as a television depot station, where static electricity must be managed and accounted for to avoid disruptions. As well as in micro surgery where small mechanical devices and robots must be carefully monitored in electron level in order to preserve machine functionality and efficiency. Therefore, the purpose of the lab is met and the hypotheses was supported, proving the quality and efficiency of the lab being

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