Nt1310 Unit 1 Reflection

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What insights have I gained about research from taking this course? The insights I have achieved, there are different methods in constructing a research study I understand more in doing a research exploration, my mentor kept asking me if I had completed the research required for projects for my classroom. I did not understand what was a real research study or someone writing a story from their experiences. I now understand how to look for research studies conducted by researchers. In what ways have your ideas about the nature of doing research changed? My ideas about the nature of doing a research study have improved entirely. You must decide which method you will choose and how you achieve the data to get the conclusion. I have learned I need to ask the right questions to collect the data needed for the results and compare to other researchers who have conducted the same study.…show more content…
The important lesson I learned regarding designing, planning and conducting research in early childhood is ethical issues. I gain knowledge of the significance of, confidentiality, and culture diversity, consent from all affected including teachers, directors, parents and children participating. They understand they may quit at any time in the planning stages of a research study, I gained insights on different methods of conducting a research project. What were some of the challenges you encountered—and in what ways did you meet

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