Nt1310 Unit 1 Research Paper

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Locks: There is a need for locks on both the building and Central wiring closet. These locks will limit access to the physical network. They will also provide a barrier to stop someone from walking up and just plugging in something into the network. Everyone always focuses on the logical setup of the network and forgets that physical access is just as important. The same locks should be used for the alternate site where the backups are. Keys: Limited access should be granted to where the keys are located because they would open the doors for the secure areas. Without having restricted access to the keys a company can have the best Locks in the world, but if positive control of the keys is not kept then having locks becomes redundant. Cameras: Cameras are required to protect the building. These cameras would be a deterrent for criminals and are beneficial for legal reasons. Also, the cameras can provide proof that if an issue does occur that it not because of neglect from the owners and the cameras…show more content…
Encryption Security: Hard drive encryption: Without hard drive encryption if a hard drive becomes lost all the information on the hard drive would be viewable by plugging it into another computer. Particularly with a peer to peer network all the other computers on the network will be available if the hacker can access one. Wireless encryption: Wireless encryption is not as secure as a physical network, especially; if that wireless encryption is going to be the main way that strangers will be connecting to the network. All wireless protocols need to be at least WPA2 because of how many tools are out there and older models can be cracked. Router encryption: A router is a gateway to a network. The default password and username is public knowledge for most models. A typical attack, if a hacker gets into the router, is a DoS (Denial of Service ) attack. Router encryption blocks any good traffic coming in for the system is too busy with all the denials it has to send

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