Nt1310 Unit 1 Research Paper

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Fundamentals of Networking IT204-1701A-03 Unit 1 Discussion Board 2

Andrew LeLusche

Professor Gregory Roby

Colorado Technical University


Fundamentals of Networking IT204-1701A-03 Unit 1 Discussion Board 2

In order to choose the correct network for your needs, it is important to first understand the differences, advantages, and disadvantages between a peer to peer network and a client/server network. Whether you are a family home, a mom and pop shop, a data center or large corporation- there is a network for your needs. A network is a system of operating machines that allows a user to access an interface suitable for creating and saving documents, access webpages and video/audio content, run administrative programs to serve clients based on whatever business model or service provider you are.

First let’s discuss a peer to peer network. With a system of less than 10 computers this would be ideal. Every computer on the network would be able to run as an administrator. As long as the computer is running and on the network the files and drives could be accessed from
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This is great from an automation and security standpoint. If you have 500 employees but 200 of them use a specific level of security to access data sets and administrative processes but the other 300 are basic agents providing general guidance and customer support- you can set up permissions and programs based on the user location and allow or disallow communications and privileges regarding programs and access to webpages. A downside to this is that generally you need a specific operating system to run and manage this type of network. However, with the extra money and steps to create and use, you have a higher customization rate to where you can determine exactly in real time what is happening on the system and make changes with minimal
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