Nt1310 Unit 1 Universal Design For Learning

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Station 1: Universal Design for Learning (UDL): Three to four slides. Information shared on the slide(s) and viewed by the audience should be succinct and void of excessive detail. Specific details and descriptions should be included in part two; the written synopsis.
• Audience (0.5 point): Discuss how you will get the audiences’ attention to visit this station. What might the station look like or include to draw people to it? The main goal is to persuade the community that my school district Corona-Norco Unified School District is in need of getting technology devices for Pre K- 12th grade levels. The first strategy I would use is to give the community an education about technology devices. The first strategy is to pay students to teach other students about computers, and how
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Describe at least one 21st-century skill from each of the four 21st-century outcomes represented in the Partnership for 21st-Century Skills framework that students should gain as a result of participating in the course. Describe how Information, Media, and Technology Skills (ICT) Literacy outcomes ICT Literacy outcomes are addressed, specifically for applying technology effectively, and how such applications will support future employability. The course that intergrates technology is Introduction to Symbolic Logic. In the manual Partnership for 21st-Century Skills collaboration was used in my community event. The students relied on one another, and educated each other about how to integrate technology. This prepares them to demonstrate ability to work effectively, and respectfully with one another. Collaboration encouraged student and trainer to be cordial, and willingness to be helpful in making necessary compromises to accommodate a goal. The application will support employability by having the students being exposed to knowledge about computer
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