Nt1310 Unit 1 Web Analysis

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There is several different types of components that enable the internet and help the web function correctly upon your computer. A few of these things are; Uploading and FTP, Web Servers, network routers, proxy servers, ISPs, Web Hosting Services, and Domains. I will be explaining all of these components in as much detail as possible. Uploading This component is when you transmit any file from one computer to another computer, this is usually a much larger file. Most of the webs users would explain this simply as sending it to another computer that is set up to receive it or to send it up onto the internet where several people will be able to access it from their own computers. For example, YouTubers upload their videos on to the YouTube…show more content…
Devices like a hub or a switch; has much less capabilities as they are only capable of performing basic network functions. For example, a hub is usually used to transfer data between computers and network devices, but however, it doesn’t analyse or do anything with the data it contains. In the other hand, routers can analyse the data being sent and transferred over a random network, then change how it is packaged and once it has done that it can send it to another network. There are two different types of a routers out there, they are: the router and the wireless router. In the example picture above, the router allows all the computers and other network devices to access the internet. The wireless router however, wireless router is a device that will perform the same function of a router but also includes the functions of a wireless access point. This means that the wireless router will allows a laptop, phone or tablet to wirelessly connect to the home network and access the internet as…show more content…
ISP may sometimes also be referred to as an Internet access provider (IAP). The service provider is an independent and separate company from a telephone company, however sometimes it could be alongside a telephone company. ISPs are companies that provide individuals and other company’s access to the internet and other services that are related such as website building and virtual hosting. An ISP tend to have the equipment and the telecommunication line access required to have a point-of-presence on the Internet for the geographic area served. A few examples of ISPs would be: virgin media, Sky and BT, these are a few of the most well-known ISPs. There are of course so many more like Pop telecom, speednet Scotland, AAISP and even PlusNet. There is also TalkTalk, Post Office, Vodafone UK, Ask4, Zen Internet and Entanet. All of these are ISP’s and do the same thing, the differences between them all would be the power and deals that they all give, but the most preferred ones are virgin media, BT and Sky. This is due to their deals being good and their broad band being faster than many other internet providers. Web Hosting

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