Nt1310 Unit 12 In Research

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1. I know how to use a computer (I love technology and use it every day and I got to know it) 2. I know how to calm myself down quickly when I am angry (Go do something that I like or listen to my favorite songs) 3. I know how to drive well (I was taught by my Dad on a lawn mower) 4. I know how to use technology well (Been in love with technology since middle school) 5. I know how to take great pictures (Years of experience and taking a lot of pictures to get better) 6. I know how to pick up girls well, lol (I’m a magnet) 7. Hunting out good bargains (Shop at Goodwill or find items on google and see which is the cheapest) 8. Learn new instruments well (I just have the ability to learn new instruments easily) 9. Making those I love feel loved (Spending times with …show more content…

I will learn the basics and fundamentals of coding, so I can go into a class and apply it. Second place is to take a computer science class at UNCC to get the experience. This is where I will learn how to code from teachers and use the lab to apply my studies and notes on there. Others should be open to learn how to code because technology is evolving and will be with us for a long time. We need people to program a device or piece of technology so it can go do things and function properly. Without people like this, our favorite devices won’t work and we wouldn’t be where we are with today on technology. By learning how to code we can create new technology or even improve our old devices and put new software it in, basically like an update on computers, phones, etc. Coding literacy is the best because without these awesome ways to do things we would all be crying, whining, and begging for something great. We don’t want to go back to the old days where we have to click or do multiple things to complete one task; we want a program or code that you can take the least amount of time and it completes it.

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