Nt1310 Unit 2.1 Networking Research Papers

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2.1 AWS Networking
AWS provide a kind of networking services that also provide private network connections to the cloud, scalable DNS and tools to make logistically solitary networks. There are also have prevalent networking services comprise the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Amazon Direct Connect. Amazon VPC generates a logically solitary set of Amazon EC2 for example which can be connected to current network using VPN connection.

Amazon VPC generates a private cloud inside AWS, while deposition built-in security with security groups and network access control lists. When using Amazon EC2, VPC is free. Besides, AWS Direct Connect offers special network connections into AWS data centers and provide fast and cheap data throughput. AWS ' Direct Connect service let users to detour the Internet and connect straight to AWS '
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Prevalent storage choices include the S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service), EBS (Elastic Block Store) and Amazon CloudFront.
Amazon Simple Storage Service offers Web Service based storage and it is a totally redundant storage offering that can process any amount of data at anytime and anywhere on the Web. It can be used for backup, record and calamity recovery, and content storage, allocation and data analysis storage.
S3 is current as part of the free Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) tier service for 5GB of storage, 20,000 Get Needs or 5,000 Put Needs per month. Else, the pricing of the criterion storage is about $.0300 per GB up to 1TB per month.
Amazon Elastic Block Store (AWS ' EBS) service offers constant block level storage for EC2 examples. With available encryption and automatic duplication, Amazon touts EBS as highly available, highly secure choice to measure EC2 storage. Pricing is according to geographic area, which disk technology that users need either magnetic disk or solid-state and per GB of provisioned

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