Nt1310 Unit 2 Assignment 2

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1Dear Principal Molony, The donated money should be used in the eight grade math and reading classrooms because it will improve the focus and attention of the students. The students' self esteem will go up which will let them participate and do more to benefit the classrooms. They will also be less antsy because they will be focused on work, and not worrying about their uncomfortable seats. Here is what the seats are going to be like: there will be three couches, four to five bean bags, three wiggle seats, one recliner and two big tables the wiggle seats will go on the table chairs. In the science rooms we would buy the kind chairs in the exploratory rooms and put them in the science rooms. We wouldn't want you to spill chemicals all over a recliner or a couch. The staff would also get really nice chairs so that they would have a good time too. To make sure the students don't fight, there will be a sign up sheet so people can get to choose where they sit. The only catch is if you have a 70% or below you have to must sit at the tables. We need to do this because it will improve the focus and…show more content…
Which will make the students want to learn and get good quality grades. The students' self esteem will also go up which might persuade them into doing more school activities. Next, lets talk about the long term impact after high school. It will let the students' relax and have a better time, which will let the students get better grades. Then they will go to a great college. That will result in getting a great job or career. Thomas Jefferson should exclude technology and personnel improvement within the money donated because we already have enough teachers. We might even have extras. We also don't need computers because we have updated touch screen laptops. We even have computer labs in the classrooms, and we have
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